Professional Services

National/International Committees and Service

Served as a member of key consortiums such as the Universitas 21 global university Faculties of Education, Spencer Foundation Deans of Education, national (Australian Council of Deans of Education,), state (New South Wales Deans of Education) and provincial committees (Association of British Columbia Deans of Education). Consulted with Foundations (e.g. George Lucas, Bill and Melinda Gates, Vancouver) and corporations (e.g., Apple Computer, Intel). Consultant to major urban schools in China (Beijing #4, Erdos, Inner Mongolia), US (e.g. Milwaukee City Schools, Columbus City School, Fairfax County-Virginia, Montgomery County-Maryland, Tucson Schools), Canada (Vancouver City Schools, Richmond), Australia (e.g., NSW schools, South Coast Region, NSW: Walgett School, Menindee)

President, Association of Canadian Deans of Education, 2005-2008

Board member, Action Schools, 2005-2006

President, Association of British Columbia Deans of Education, 2006-2007

Advisory committee member, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education, 2003-2006

Board member, Canadian Society for Study of Education, 2002-2005

Board member, Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne, 2002-2010

National Academy of Education, Reviewer of Grants and Fellowships, 1996-1997

Evaluator, National Reading Research Center, Universities of Georgia and Maryland, 1992

National Advisory Committee, Children’s Television Workshop, 1989-1996

National Advisory Committee, International Evaluation of Educational Achievement (Over fifty countries were involved in pursuing a cross-national assessment of literacy), 1988-1990

National Advisory Committee, Center for Adolescent Development, Funded by Carnegie Foundation and Lily Foundation and Office of Educational Research and Improvement, 1987-1995

Research Proposal Review Panel, Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), 1979-1984, 1987

National Advisory Committee for Planning, 1977-1979, Implementing and Interpreting Future NAEP in Reading, 1982-1984

Member, National Institute of Education (NIE) Basic Skills Synthesis Panels, 1978-1982

National Advisory Committee for Interpreting the Results of the 1970-1971 and 1974-1975 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in Reading, 1976-1979

American Educational Research Association (AERA), Division C and H

Speaker, Chairperson and discussant at Annual Convention, 1980-Present

Member, research paper review 1980–2000 Member, SIG Basic Studies in Reading, Participant, 1980–2005

Member, SIG Writing research review committee, 1985-1990

Member, SIG Discourse Structure, Participant, 1980-1990

Chair, Division C, Section 3, 1981-1982

Literacy Research Association, Formerly National Reading Conference (NRC)?

International Special Interest Group

Editorial Review Board, conference proceedings, 1974-2010

Conference submissions, 1978-2000

Elected Board Member, 1986-1988

Elected President, 1992

International Reading Association (IRA)

Member, Awards committee, 2007-2010

Member, Assessment committee, 2005-2007

Chair, Committee on Interpretation and Analysis of the NAEP in Reading, 1976-1979

Chair, IRA Research Awards Subcommittee (Outstanding Dissertation Award), 1979-1981

Member, Cognitive Psychology and Reading Comprehension, 1979–1981

Chair, IRA Special Interest Group, Socio-psycholinguistics, 1983–1984

Member, research paper review committee, 1980–2000

Co-leader, IRA Seminar Series, 1981-1983

Member, NIE-IRA Advisory Committee, 1982–83

Chair, Reading Research Fellowship, 1983–1984

Member, Research and Studies Committee, 1983–1985

Member, Creative Uses of Language Committee, 1985–1987

Member, William S. Gray Award, 1990-1992

Editor, Reading Research Quarterly, 1990-1995

National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE)

Research committee of NCTE, 1979-1981

Testing practices committee, 1986-1988

National Conference for Research in the Teaching of English (NCRE), Member, 1979-Present

Elected Board member, 1983-1986

Fellow status, 1986-present

NCTE–NCRE, Research Assembly, 1983-1984

Elected Chair (The Assembly included over 200 researchers from around the US and Canada representing various disciplines related to teaching Language Arts and English)

Apple Computer, Inc., 1987-1999

Apple Classroom of Tomorrow, Consultant (Involved in research related to a national project on the effects of advanced technology upon schools)

Bolt Beranek Newman, 1981-1983

Member, Advisory Board, Writing curriculum for microcomputers (Quill)