Welcome to my website.

You find the website lists and links range of my activities clustered around my ongoing interests in global educational issues and meaning making across individuals, schools and communities.

Befitting my wanderlust life, they include recent papers related to global matters of epistemologies, diversity and equity. Certainly, they reflect the amalgamation of my roles across Australia, the America’s, Asia and occasionally Africa—my participations as I vied to be an educational scholar, teacher, researchers, administrator, colleague, ally and consultant. I would hope that you find that they are anchored in values tied to engaging in shared inquiry, respecting diversity and supporting self-determination. I do know that they are the bi-products of fascination with learning and educational matters as well as an interest in learning with others—co-authors, critics and colleagues whose guidance I have valued immensely. I would suggest that they all relate in some ways to literacy, which I would hold exists at the confluence of thoughts, languages and societies.

I expect those who are interested in more than just elements in the website, they will find the collection will to be somewhat of a potpourri of papers, videos and reports including papers and details of projects that may or may not have been published. Many have now been digitized as a way of both retaining and minimizing my footprint.   Their organization is more an afterthought and derived by having the benefit of a web-designer with a great artistic and technology talents.

For those interested in my current activities, I am still engaged in a mix of projects in different parts of the world including interweaving epistemological considerations, indigenous concerns and school-based research in conjunction with ongoing work in schools such as Beijing #4 and more recently in remote regions of Australia. In the year ahead, I will be mostly in Canada and the US, but later in the year, I expect to be in China  and Australia. Also, I recently finished a book with David Pearson entitled  “A History of Literacy Education: Waves of Research and Practice” with Teachers College Press (https://www.tcpress.com/literacy-education-9780807764633). I am also editing Elsevier’s International Encyclopedia of Education.If you wish to contact me, do so by e-mail: rob.tierney@ubc.ca or rob.tierney@sydney.edu.au.

All the best


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